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Each stage of the framing process is completed with precision and care to protect the condition of the artwork over time and to enable reframing at a later date, if desired, to suit a new location or to match new furnishings.

The photo collage in this section shows water gilding as an example. Starting with the selected moulding, this is mitred and joined to form a frame. A sealing coat of glue is applied, followed by eight coats of gesso and three of bole. Gold leaf is then applied, burnished and waxed to give that final, timeless lustre.

Whichever framing style you choose, from classic to contemporary, from single mount board to shadow mounts with v-grooves, from clear float glass to museum standard uv-protection, you can be assured that the work ‘behind the scenes’ has been done thoroughly to guarantee your frame’s performance and ensure its longevity.